Smoking and Your Musculoskeletal Health

It’s nothing that people haven’t heard before – Smoking is bad for you. However, smoking which is the number one cause of preventable deaths has a devastating effect on more than just the lungs. Smoking tobacco impacts the heart, lungs and has serious and lasting negative impacts on the bones and muscles in the body […]

Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain

Most people suffer from some type of pain on a daily basis. However, some have extreme pain that affects their quality of life and have difficulties obtaining relief. Many options exist for alleviation of pain such as oral medications, injectable medications, or even surgery. In some cases, surgery may have been attempted but pain may […]

How to Treat and Recover from Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a foot condition that can slow down anyone at any time. It occurs most often in athletes and people with an active lifestyle, but it can also develop in people less active. Plantar Fasciitis is difficult to resolve, sometimes taking weeks or months to fully heal. How do you know if you […]

Shoulder Injury Prevention

How to Prevent Shoulder Injuries in Summer Sports It’s the time of the year when golfers, swimmers, tennis players, and baseball players get back into the swing of things. Whether you play for fun or compete at a more competitive level, these sports heavily rely on the shoulders and most athletes don’t think twice about […]

Common Sports-Related Injuries We Treat

There is never a good time to suffer an injury and in most cases they happen when we least expect it. Stretching on a regular basis and staying in shape are great methods for reducing your risks, but more times than not there is little that can be done to avoid an injury. While we […]

Hip Replacement Surgery and Recovery

If you’re considering a hip replacement but want to get some more information before committing to the procedure, here are some quick facts to help you make a decision. First and foremost, hip replacement surgery is now a very common procedure with minimal risks. We’ve performed countless successful operations and of our patients have gained […]

Hip Bursitis

What is Hip Bursitis? Hip bursitis also called trochanteric bursitis is an inflammation of the lateral hip bursa. We have many bursas in our body. A bursa’s primary goal is to prevent friction and rubbing. Unfortunately , bursas can commonly get inflamed. This inflammation commonly leads to lateral hip pain. Pts commonly report tenderness to […]

Arthritis Pain: Finding Treatment that Works for You

If you have arthritis and suffer with pain, you’re not alone. Arthritis affects millions of people in the United States. The condition is most often associated with stiff joints, but it can also cause swelling, redness and tenderness. Symptoms for arthritis vary from patient to patient. Some experience a lot of discomfort for short periods […]

Treatment for a Dislocated Shoulder

The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in the body – capable of moving and twisting in a lot of directions. While this mobility allows us to perform countless maneuvers, it’s also the cause for the shoulder’s instability. You often hear of athletes’ shoulders slipping or popping out of place, and when this […]

How to Diagnose and Treat Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow

Tendonitis in the elbow, often referred to as tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, refers to inflammation of the tendons that attach to the elbow. The motions required to play both sports place repeated stress on the tendons, sometimes causing pain and discomfort. Tennis elbow impacts the tendons that attach to the outside part of the […]

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