Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is used by individuals seeking relief from symptoms of various medical conditions or treatments. Marijuana plants have hundreds of chemicals known as cannabinoids. The two cannabinoids that are most commonly known are CBD and THC. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive that is being tested in the medical community to measure its medical benefits for conditions such as epilepsy. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the chemical compound in marijuana that releases dopamine into your brain and is responsible for the euphoric “high” commonly associated with the plant.

Medical marijuana may be used to help ease nausea, pain, and loss of appetite in individuals who have cancer or HIV. Medical research suggests that medical marijuana may also reduce the number of seizures in people with epilepsy. Other studies conducted display the plant easing multiple sclerosis symptoms such as frequent urination, spasms and chronic pain.

For more information on medical marijuana please read the answers to some frequently asked questions below. If you would like to schedule a visit to talk about medical marijuana please call 352-556-4823.

What is medical marijuana?

Medical Marijuana is prescribed through the Office of Compassionate Use. It is a new type of prescriptive medicine that is available for qualified patients.

Who qualifies for medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana, or medical cannabis, is available for patients who have chronic conditions that have not responded to traditional treatments. Diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain syndromes and many others can be treated with medical marijuana.

Is it covered by insurance?

Medical Marijuana is currently not covered by ANY insurance provider. It is the patient’s responsibility for all co-payments to the physician’s office visit and expenses for medication purchased from a medical marijuana treatment center.

Will I get high from medical marijuana?

THC is the active compound in marijuana that causes the feeling of euphoria. THC helps patients with insomnia, depression, and side effects to chemotherapy. There are multiple treatment options that have low or no THC at all. The other active compound in Medical Marijuana is CBD, which can help with chronic pain, seizures, and many other conditions without the feelings of euphoria.

What is the cost?

Patients at WCMI  Orthopedics are charged a fee of $150.00 for all co-payments associated to the treatment with medical marijuana.

What are the potential risks associated with the use of medical marijuana?

The potential risks of medical marijuana include, but are not limited to: impaired judgement, inability to operate a motorized vehicle, and side effects related to psychosis or other vulnerable mental health conditions.

How much is it to apply for the medical marijuana card?

$75.00 application fee, must be in form of check or money order. Applicant fees can now be made online, through your registry profile.

If I am unable to apply online, what do I send in to the Florida Department of Health?

  • $75.00 check or money order
  • Paper application
  • Proof of Florida Residency
  • 2X2 Photo (similar to passport application)

How long does it take to get my ID Card?

The Florida Department of Health is estimating about 30 calendar days. Processing time depends on when the Florida Department of Health receives the application and payment.

How do I check the status of my application?

Visit the Medical Marijuana Use Registry by visting their website through the Florida Department of Health.

When do I get my prescription for medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana is prescribed to the patient during the first visit with the physician as the patient is entered into the Medical Marijuana Use Registry.

How do I get the medicine?

Patients can visit, or order delivery service from a Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Center

(Also known as: Medical Marijuana Dispensary).


How much is the cost of the medicine?

WCMI Orthopedics is unable to provide pricing for medical cannabis, patients will need to contact a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center.

Which dispensary do I go to?

Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers are listed on the Florida Department of Health’s website, under the Medical Marijuana Use Registry.

Do I need to fill out paperwork for my visit regarding medical marijuana?

Yes, please visit the patient forms page and complete the medical marijuana patient forms before your visit.

How can I get more information about medical marijuana?

Please contact our clinic at 352-556-4823 to make an appointment.

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