Most people suffer from some type of pain on a daily basis. However, some have extreme pain that affects their quality of life and have difficulties obtaining relief. Many options exist for alleviation of pain such as oral medications, injectable medications, or even surgery. In some cases, surgery may have been attempted but pain may still be present. Until recently, such a patient would start a regiment of narcotic medications from their primary care doctor or from a pain management specialist. While pain relief can be achieved with these medications there is the potential for adverse side effects and even addiction.

In November 2016, the state of Florida passed legislature which has legalized marijuana to be used for medical reasons. As an orthopedic clinic, we recognize the prevalence of chronic pain and have begun prescribing medical marijuana for those who qualify. As opposed to narcotic medications, the side effects are minimal and there is no potential for addiction. For those not preferring an inhalation route, other modalities are available such as pills, oral drops, liquid, and even cream. While medical marijuana is still considered experimental and is not covered by commercial insurance, it has shown promise in being an effective tool to alleviate chronic pain.


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