What is Hip Bursitis?

Hip bursitis also called trochanteric bursitis is an inflammation of the lateral hip bursa. We have many bursas in our body. A bursa’s primary goal is to prevent friction and rubbing. Unfortunately , bursas can commonly get inflamed. This inflammation commonly leads to lateral hip pain. Pts commonly report tenderness to deep palpation of the lateral hip

What causes Hip Bursitis?

There are many causes for hip bursitis. It is most commonly caused by direct trauma to the lateral hip. Overuse, incorrect posture and poor flexibility are other common causes.

What are the symptoms of Hip Bursitis?

Most patients present with lateral hip pain that hurts while lying on there side. Pts will often also experience pain with walking up stairs, or getting out of a car.

How is Hip Bursitis Treated?

The primary goals when treating hip bursitis is to reduce inflammation and increase flexibility. An excellent initial treatment is a trial of oral anti-inflammatory medicine. During this period daily stretching of hip flexors, hamstring, and IT band can be very beneficial.

For continued hip bursa pain, Ultra sound guided Corticosteroid injections into the bursa can be performed. Formal physical therapy can be started for continued pain as well. Physical therapy and steroid injections are a very effective tool for chronic hip bursitis.

If patient fails all these conservative treatments, surgery is an option. A surgical removal of the bursa can be performed.

How can Hip Bursitis be prevented?

Hip bursitis is commonly due to overuse. Pts should focus on avoiding repetitive activities. Weight loss can also help. Daily hip stretching and flexibility exercises are an excellent preventative option.

If you feel you may have hip bursitis, please call our clinic for a full evaluation.

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